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Hi there.

You will find “The Power of Service” to be unlike any other book on the subject. It is not a ‘how-to’ lecturing type of book but rather it takes the reader on a journey---exploring good and bad experiences--as if you are there. This Book is also full of ideas on how to truly impress Customers and it explores the far-reaching effects of Service—beyond what you may have ever imagined. You see, this book looks at service directly through the eyes of the Customer. The story is true to life. I promise you this---you will not be bored!
Once you have read the book, I welcome your comments either through Amazon or Goodreads.

Enjoy the journey!

Joy E. Karp


A New Way of Looking At Customer Service!

Down-to-earth, sensible and engaging guide to gaining personal and business success. An amazing book! Totally unique, a must read for anyone who wants to learn what customer service is really about.


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Meg Horn - Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Economic Development Consultant

"What an amazing book! Not a how-to manual, but a novel that generates a desire to serve your clients. Joy E. Karp has done what so many authors of "how-to-serve-clients-better" books and manuals have tried to do and failed."

Rick Hession - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Restaurant Consultant

"What I like most about this book is the technique it uses to take the reader on a journey as it gradually reveals the keys to providing outstanding service.... Joy’s choice to communicate her secrets in a storytelling mode gives us the important information in bite-size, easy-to-digest chunks. What a great way to learn lessons."

Chris Herbert - Halton Region, Ontario, Canada
CMO of Mi6 Agency | Co-founder of Silicon Halton

I've read Joy's book and highly recommend it. I think Joy may have been reluctant to share the link to her book on Amazon. But, as a thank you for her continued participation in this group I'm happy to share the link for her:

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