Six Online Stores Selling
Products Online with High
Conversion Rates

The online market is experiencing fierce competition owing to the proliferation of e-commerce platforms. Nowadays, it has become easy for any one intending to launch their business online store to do so regardless of whether they have the money or not as there are many free online store builders to leverage. Thus, it has become difficult to succeed online, and many online stores are failing by the day. The best way to ensure success is to identify online businesses that have become a big success, study their model and use them as a prototype when you create online store.

Here are six e-commerce platforms with high conversion rates and their marketing strategies

  • is one of the best platforms in the industry. Very easy and convenient use that will help you create a beautiful online store with a great conversion rate. You will love the customer service and the great numerous services.
  • Over-Stock. Over-stock has its headquarters in the United States. The store offers more than one million discounted products ranging from jewelry, furniture, electronic goods, watches and clothing among others. Over-stock has in place three-pronged e-commerce strategies that involve using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook as tools to engage their target customers, use of search marketing, and the use of Spigit’s Facebook analytics to achieve a clear, compelling and accurate messaging to their target customers. They have also launched a mobile app to embolden their mobile offerings.
  • Macy’' is a fashion centered e-commerce website. On the platform, they sell clothing and other fashionable items from reputable fashion brands. The online business is successful owing to its deliberate strategy of providing unbeatable customer service experience. We naturally go back to buy from an online store if our previous experience of buying from the store was excellent. Macy' have a lot of repeat clients, and they also get new customers as a result of reviews and referrals by happy customers. Macy's website is great concerning appearance, design, and functionality. They have also developed a great mobile wallet.
  • specializes in unique handmade items as well as factory made products like furniture, jewelry, and clothing. Etsy is among the most successful e-commerce platforms and boasts of more than sixty million visitors monthly. The success of Etsy is attributable to having a top notch web design that is highly responsive, user-friendly and easily navigable. They at all times maintain brand credibility and engage their target customers consistently on all social media platforms. Etsy also sends monthly personalized news letters, and most of the reviews praise them for the fast shipping of ordered items.
  • is another successful online platform that you can study to help with your selling products online. They have an aesthetic web design that is appealing, user-friendly, and highly responsive. The root of their success is centered on their use of Channel Advisor. Channel Advisor Corp is an e-commerce platform based in Morrisville in North Carolina that provides Cloud –based e-commerce services to more than 2800 clients worldwide. Channel Advisor helps Shopify by providing them with among others, automatic delivery of product data, channel management, and analytics.
  • is a business online that specializes in clothing but also offer other house hold items to its customers. They have both online and physical store so that you can buy online and proceed to pick the items from their physical stores. Their success lies in engaging customers using modern technology, store-specific promotions, and availing ordered products ready for pick up within four hours of placing the orders.
    The above e-commerce platforms are a big success. All of them put down a deliberate strategy t. It means that you can also stream line your online store and push it to success by modeling on some of the above strategies coupled with your unique attributes.

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