• Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. It has been used by many people to post updates about their travel, hobbies and allow a peek of their lives. Today, marketers see an enormous potential in Instagram as a favorite business tool. The reason marketers have started relying on these social media platforms for promotion purposes is that the public spends a huge portion of their times on these platforms. When you need to promote your brand, you look for possible, and potentially well-developed platforms and Instagram is one of them. The image of Instagram is that of a visual platform alone. The app does not even allow to copy the hyperlink.  The fact that it is now being used as a digital look book and helping in creating awareness about the brand is the proof that Instagram is one powerful platform for promoting the brands.
  • There has been a massive increase the easy availability of online store builder websites and apps. They help you to create an online store, and thus you can very easily start your business online. Setting up an online business is not only about selling products online but developing a good rapport with the consumers. A photographer can end up making a lot of money by just offering the followers to buy a print of their photographs. The pictures are liked by millions of people and hence even a few hundred decide to buy the picture; the photographer can continue it as a profitable business. Since Instagram introduced the direct message feature, people have been able to contact the seller in a much more efficient manner. The clothing brands are also enjoying a lot privilege and benefit because of this feature. They post pictures of their products and people who are interested in buying directly message them to finalize the purchase. Instagram also has an additional feature where the account holder can post around 5 to 6 photos for a single frame; the viewers can swipe and view all at once.
  • There is an app by the name of shopseen. This app can be coupled with an Instagram account to make shopping possible for your customers. As they make the purchase, the app allows you to update your inventory without much hassle. The Instagram app can work as a store front while the app can assist at the purchasing instance. Instagram is a new and powerful that can prove to be very fruitful if its use is strategized effectively.